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Hey PE and Sport teachers, want to get ahead of the game for 2024 exams?

We've analysed past-paper data trends to help your students prepare for their 2024 GCSE, A-level, BTEC, CNAT, CTEC and NCFE exams.

Get FREE access to our detailed PE and Sport theory past paper exam analysis infographics, never-before-seen mock exam papers and live revision lessons to ensure revision is targeted, focused and time-effective.

That's right, we’re giving it to you for free!

Hey PE and Sport teachers 👋 Looking for ways to help your students revise and reduce exam day stress?

We've got you covered!

It's time to take the headache out of preparing for the PE and Sport theory exams. Our team have carefully analysed the last 6 years of AQA, OCR, Edexcel, WJEC, IGCSE, BTEC Sport L3, BTEC Sport and Exercise Science L3 and CTEC Sport L3 past exam papers to identify trends, to help make revision targeted, focused and time-effective (SAMs data used for all other courses - BTEC Tech Award in Sport, CNAT Sport Studies, CNAT Sport Science, NCFE Health and Fitness).

Live revision lessons

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In 2023, 75% of PE students in the UK revised with The EverLearner’s live revision sessions and this year they are back!

The exam-board-specific live sessions will be delivered by the world-class PE teacher, James Simms and are guaranteed to build your students' confidence heading into their summer exams.

✏️ Content and skill-focused revision sessions

✏️ Student revision booklet

✏️ Exam-board-specific content

Past paper trends infographic

The EverLearner Resource Image (infographics 2024)AQA GCSE half final short

✏️ Most common topics and skills areas

✏️ Exam-board-specific checklists

✏️ Skills preparation tips

✏️ Practical tips for answering A02 questions

Never-before-seen mock paper

The EverLearner Resource Image (infographics 2024)AQA GCSE Mock half final short

✏️ Curated never-before-seen questions based on previous papers or SAMs

✏️ Exemplar exam answers

✏️ Teacher mark scheme

Join the other PE/Sport teachers who are giving their students the edge in their summer exam preparation.

"Really useful tool and the pupils engaged in it with some excellent outcomes utilising both the question papers and mark schemes. Looking forward to the revision webinars! "

PE Teacher

Get your FREE 2024 PE and Sport revision Resources and access to live revision lessons