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What is ExamSimulator?

The revolutionary ExamSimulator from The EverLearner is an online exam setting, writing, marking and analytics environment. It is specifically focussed on exam-board content and skills for GCSE, A-level, BTEC, Cambridge National, and Cambridge Technical courses

This game-changing exam software has been designed from the ground up by teachers, for teachers and for their students. Based not only on sound pedagogy, but also on the vast classroom experience of the team working behind the scenes, ExamSimulator guarantees to boost student grades and save valuable teacher time.

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Auto-Indicative Marking

Auto-indicative marking of exam-style responses based on built-in mark schemes and Machine learning. The teacher only needs to validate the mark, add comments if required.


Exam-Board Specific

Thousands of exam-board-specific questions and mark schemes. Written by teams of real-life teachers with years of exam-board experience.


Online Answering

Students respond to exam-style questions online from anywhere, making the Exam Simulator classwork, homework, or even lockdown work.


Printable Exams

Set exams through ExamSimulator for your students to answer on paper - but you still get access to all the analytics through the platform.


Exam Setting in Seconds

Set questions, end of unit tests, or even mock exams in seconds from anywhere. No more printing and no more photocopying. Delivered immediately to the students' inbox.


Detailed Analytics

Industry-leading analytics and diagnostics on student exam performance. Data on the content, skill and assessment objectives.


Automated Assignments

Set deadlines, set time limits, or keep it free. The platform handles everything from assigning the work to reminding the students when the deadline is approaching.



Set questions for one student, one class or the entire cohort, or anything in between. Set different time limits and/or passing standards for different learners.



Add or remove time limits and allow or disallow hints. The Exam Simulator gives students individualised support when they need it and puts the pressure on when they are ready, not before. 

Synonyms and Machine Learning

With the latest release of ExamSimulator comes the fully functional Synonym and  Machine Learning features. Whilst the mark schemes written by our PE content writing team are considered to be the 'correct' responses, we could never cover every possible variation that a student could write. And remember, students are not expected to write "exact matches" to the any marking points, whether written by our team our learned by our system. Rather, our system monitors proximity to a wide range of correct language and phrases and not exact matches only. 

Therefore, we have implemented two features to ensure that coverage of student responses is broad from the start and gets better and better the more you mark.


We have compiled an extensive list of synonyms for common technical and non-technical words and phrases. Our marking algorithm not only looks for the phrases we have provided but also every alternative phrased based on this list of synonyms.


Machine Learning
We know that, for many exam questions, it's impossible for us to pre-empt every possible student response. So we have implemented a sophisticated machine learning algorithm which automatically adds any phrases which you credit in your student responses to our central database. The phrases are available immediately for you and for any other teacher marking the same question. Our content writing team review EVERY submission to ensure it is suitable for long term application to the question.

The Community


As a PE teaching community, we have the responsibility to improve outcomes for all the students we teach. By active and continued use of ExamSimulator you are feeding the algorithms that will help support our students to be the best they can be.

We believe this is the perfect circle: every time you review your students' answers, our system gets smarter and saves the entire PE community, including the "future you", time. This, in turn, means you can spend more time on what matters including qualitative flourishes to marked work.

We urge all PE teachers to engage now with ExamSimulator. We are the only teaching sector with this software and with the chance to radically improve our future work.

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